Saturday, 30 April 2011

A right Royal Wedding!

So i have to start this blog with a big congrats to the gorgeous Prince William & Kate.

We all got up fairly early, for a Friday anyways and all went to a family friends for a Royal wedding day party. I made a great effort.

It was Lovely! We all had breakfast while we watched the whole wedding. I LOVED her dress! My cousin thought it was boring, but i thought it was stunning, i love the lace & the vintage look. Bless, she looked like she was going to pass out when she got to the alter. My highlights have to be when the priest did cartwheels down the aisle after the wedding. When the couple left in their just wed jag. & obviously the kiss, their such a lovely couple!

I was up for about 11 hours & my newly poorly toe foot was MASSIVE!! Still is! Feet up till 4, going to watch the Tourist with my little cuz, then we are having a anti pasti party.

Chou for now :D

Monday, 25 April 2011

A trip to London

I have a very Lovely weekend in London with my friend, mum & her bf.

We drove down Thursday night to try & avoid traffic but we ended up hitting a massive traffic jam. A caravan had turned over, it looked nasty but no one was hurt thankfully.

We got to my aunts fairly late. My friend had a bit of a blonde moment when she asked me if i was staying in my aunts room, which is upstairs. I gave her a min to think about what she said, before asking her how she thought i was going to get up the stairs.

Friday was HOT we went to Jaimie Oliver's for some lunch, which was delicious! Did a bit of shopping, then we sat on the river Thames & had a drink. It was soooooo hot! But gorgeous, just looking out on the river watching the boats.

Saturday wasn't as hot, still gorgeous! We went to Wimbledon, walked around, had a few drinks. We then drove around for ages looking for somewhere to have tea.  We found somewhere that looked nice but it didn't go to well. They got the drinks order wrong 3 times, on one occasion bringing out a bowl of fruit. We didn't want to risk eating there. So we went back for a takeaway and TV. A very blunt Chinese man randomly asked me what was wrong with me, which is fair enough, but it was so blunt it caught us all off guard.

To say its such a awkward set up at my aunts, the weekend was stress free...

Now i'm home sweet home, its very nice to get away, but there's nothing like ya own bed!

Got to rest my feet now, my toe has got a hole again ='(

Friday, 15 April 2011

Week 1 over

One week of the Easter hols done & i have done nothing and quite frankly i have loved it!

Its going to get a bit busier from today!

Chinese with a friend from a new chinese tonight, slightly excited for new chinese, which is slightly worrying. Saturday is going to be great! Left over chinese, LOTS of gossip with 2 very great friends, then scream 4 with my fellow scream fanatic EXCITED!! Only been waiting 10yrs for this! Then probably takeaway again just to be naughty. Sunday coursework, well i hope so anyway. Then Thursday im off to London, YAY!!

God only knows how my feet are going to cope. One of my better toes has got a lil fat & has been bleeding. My feet had swelled up last weekend from a few very long stints in my chair. Hopefully it will be healed before we go down south, because they will be very long days!!

Me and mum had one of our mini arguments about food. We have it at least twice a week. She asks me what i want to eat forgetting that i have no idea what food is in as i cant just get up to see whats in the fridge  or cupboard. So i then get given a vague idea of what we have, very vague. So we either argue back & forth till she gives me a proper menu, or she cooks me something i don't want & we argue a bit more. I know i sound rather demanding, im not, its just a case of  i cant look for myself.

Im settling for rubbish crisps atm as my lovely lil bro has eaten all the good ones

Monday, 4 April 2011

Mystery Illness

I have been very boring for the past few weeks! There has been NOTHING going on at all! I have literally been at college or in bed. Apart from a few meals out that has been it. But i haven't been feeling tooo great.

I have been having pain around my armpit, i think my sweat glands were a bit swollen. That was fair enough, i'd spent enough time sweating recently due to going AD a LOT!!

But then i got the weirdest sensation! My mum like pulled my nightie down & it felt like i had some crumbs on my chest. But there was nothing there. The more mum touched me, the odder the sensation & the more widespread it was! With every touch it felt as if i was being pricked with needles! It was all over my chest the top of my back, neck & up the left side of my face! My left bicep went into major spasm to! I could barely type. It was so weird, and it just came out of nowhere. It lasted about 3 days then it turned into like a sunburn feeling, its just starting to dull down now, but being touched is just very sore atm! If i find out why i'll let you know, but for now its a bit of a mystery.

I took my mum out for tea on Sat for Mothers day! Was me my brother mum her bf & his son. It was really lovely! I got paté to start, i really shouldn't have! It was delicious but i forgot as i often do, that my appetite is no where near as big as it used to be. I think my mum gets a bit offended sometimes when i dont finish my tea! But she shouldn't... if my mums not here to cook i get a takeaway, my mums cooking is the BEST! I know alot of people think there mums the best, but seriously my mum is! : D