Monday, 23 May 2011


Had a rather massive AD attack, damn it hurt! Was about 2.30am, i actually thought my head was going to explode. I got the PA to put my bed head up first, sometimes sitting up or tilting back lowers my bp (blood pressure) then it gives her a chance to see whats wrong. Nothing seemed to work so i got her to get my mum. The PA is fairly new so i didn't want to scare her just yet. In the end i think it was my back. It had been sore all day, still is, but after being repositioned the pain eased. Had a sore head for about 3days after though.

Then Sunday i had a massive itch attack. My bp had gone up again i think, and i just went CRAZY itchy. It was so bad it made me cry. It just wouldn't stop. I had to go back to bed which was annoying, but it worked, after about 20min the itching went. I was really annoyed though because i wanted to stay up and watch The Orphan with my mum & steve. I've seen it before but its really good. First time i watched it, it was with my mum and like 3qtr the way through my brother decided he needed a lift to his friends. So my mum paused it & left me at home on my own, terrified i was going to be attacked by a random little girl. LONGEST 12min of my life, yes i timed it!

Back to revision...

Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Culinary Week

Oooo lifes getting a tad hectic. Not particularly doing alot but my exams are very soon so im revising LOTS.So blogs may be few and far between for a lil while.

Im that busy i cant even remember what i've done.

Wednesday was a lot of fun! My friend came to see me. We normally always order Chinese when she comes, but this time we decided to cook.

We made salt & pepper chicken, satay chicken & hoi sin prawn & noodles.

It didn't look like enough but their was loads left! & everyone kept saying how amazing it was.

It was fun :D i think we will be doing it more often.

Thursday was really great, 2 of my aunties came & my mum made tapas, it was soooooooo good. Meatballs, chrizo,salamis & meats, stuffed vine leaves peppers & cheeses & loads more.

Then of course mum made cake.

Chocolate Victoria sponge... soooooo good. It was so light & fluffy.

Its been a culinary week...

Been very annoying though. I've been staying in bed more than usual because my feet have been sore, so whilst sat up i get red cold & sweaty, like a fever basically, because the pain was setting off my AD. So being in my chair was incredibly uncomfortable and i could only sit for like a hour. But because of this i have gotten abit weaker. Balance isn't my friend at the min. I feel like i can't win. I get up i feel like death, i stay in bed i get weaker & bored beyond belief.

No excuse to not revise i guess... Which is helpful, since i HATE revising.

& on that note i best get back to it

Monday, 9 May 2011

My knee hurts...

My big cousin came to visit today, and at the moment she is big, but that's only because shes 2 weeks away from having a baby. She had asked for some Cd's for when she goes in to labour, so baby Lily will becoming into the world to dance music or 90's R&B. Either way i have made sure that she has the best start to having great music tastes.

I spent my day in bed today resisting the urge to scratch my face off. Off to the docs tomorrow, i have a long list for them so i hope they are prepared. Top of my list after my very annoying rash is my knee. I thought being paralysed was meant to mean you can't feel. But OMG my knee is killing me. I went to the docs a while back about it and he gave me some nerve pain tablets. They worked for a bit, but i think i have damaged  it. My spasms have been awful, but only my left leg, which is the knee that's killing, which leads me to think even more so that its damaged. It hurts ='(

I spent my bed bound day watching Greys Anatomy, I had 3 episodes to catch up with. Im forbidden from watching it alone, its a program i watch with my mum. She has been hooked from the start but i didn't discover it until the big boat crash. It's an amazing show, and the last ep was just brilliant. It was the musical episode. It made me laugh and cry, mainly cry. I CAN NOT wait for the next episode. Fingers crossed everything goes well!

Time for more cake....

Sunday, 8 May 2011

MMM Cake...

MMM Cake...

Coffee & Walnut made by my mummy... Was delicious! No better way to end a Sunday roast then with cake.

Now i have my new camera expect a LOT of pics, because it ain't just me that's become obsessed with it, my whole family is, even my mum and she repels technology, turning my laptop on can often be a struggle.

 On another note i may have Impetigo *Sad face my mum's making me a doctors appointment.

Im aware im 20 but i have a phobia of making my own appointments. I never know what to say, so i end making a simple request very long winded.

Im the same when trying to explain things to PA's, i'm a visual learner as my dyslexia teacher explained, so vocally explaining myself rather difficult.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lost & Found

After about 2 years of accusing my mum, aunt & nan of throwing away some of my most prized possessions, these being my concert tickets and things i've collected from around the globe, and most importantly my Johnny Depp picture :D my mum waltzed into my room with everything in her arms. God only knows were shes been hiding them. But im soooo glad to have them back, there now safely tucked away in one of my memory boxes, where they belong.

Theres no better feeling then finding something you thought you lost, this happens to me all the time. I once found a £20 voucher in a old cd case, no idea why i put it there. I can be overly organized at times, and instead of it making life easier i just forget everything.

Anyway I spent the night playing with the camera, me and my brother took some gorgeous pics, i pointed he clicked.
Here are some of my favourites.

Just waiting for my lovely friends to get here for Chinese food & pampering.