Saturday, 25 June 2011

Be Parking aware & A Mini Film fest

Is it me or do disabled badges come with a bus pass nowadays??

It seems to be that you dont have to be disabled any more you just have to be old.

I live near a big mill shop that is rather popular with the elderly and at first glance the disabled, because everyone of there 30+ disabled bays are full. All legally to, each one has a badge. So as we drive around 40 times waiting for a space it isn't hard to notice all the perfectly abled old people capably walking to there car after walking around the mill for 2hrs. Im sorry but being old does not make you disabled.

I don't always use disabled bays as its not always necessary. Im not bothered about being close, i just need a spot thats safe & makes getting in and out of the car easy. Which is why its so annoying when i have to get out of the car on a hill because a old couple have parked in the only accessible spot.

This tends to happen a lot, A LOT at the hospital. I can't count the times i have nearly rolled away because we hve had to park on a hill, scratch that a MOUNTAIN!... We just dive past the disabled car park now cause we know its not worth it.

Then if that isn't annoying enough when you do find a space some idiot ignores the 3 stickers explaining that i need 6-8ft in order to get my ramp down & get in the car.

Sooooo anyways.... Rant over

Its been an orite week - weekend, I actually haven't done much because of my shoulder, it just hurts to much to do anything! But it has given me the chance to watch a lot of films, I don't think i can remember them all.

I did however fall in love with Jackie Chan this week, he makes anything just about watchable.

My movie fest started with finally watching the Karate Kid, It wasn't worth the wait. The first half hour is just pointless it just doesn't flow. The cheesy 80's version so much better!

I then went on to watch the tuxedo, a spy next next door, rush hour 3 & shanghai noon, all AMAZING films in VERY, VERY different ways.

I then watched

Very cute rom-com surprisingly enjoyed it.

Worse film ever, not funny at all, didn't even get 30min in.

Some parts just annoyingly stupid, but still makes you giggle, i just LOVE how they have portrayed the characters.

I have the new predator, the experiment & cemetery junction to watch. Along with cake to eat! I bought my mum a cake mixer for her new business venture. Was perfect timing as the family was craving cake, and my mum had her first job making cakes for one of my best friends, boyfriends 21st. Which was fun! I was forced to sing Karaoke, i was pushed around & had a microphone put in front of me. I say forced, but who can resist a bit of spice girls!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

So it hurts to breath right now :(

Im currently sat listening to Bruno Mars as im fair addicted to his album! I was going to watch the Karate Kid but my collar bone IS THAT painful i actually cant lift my arm at the moment.

I think this is actually the most disabling pain i'v been in! i use that muscle for everything! I use it when i hook to balance especially in the car. I use it when i hook on to someone to help me move when dressing & getting into my sling. I use it to eat, brush my teeth, scratch, put make up on, EVERYTHING!! Luckily im weird so i can do somethings. Even though im right handed i eat left handed when using a fork, but i eat finger food right handed, so i can still eat crisps, grapes, biccies, cocktail sausages ect... and i use my laptop left handed to, so thankfully i can still communicate with the world, and play games, read the news ect...

I was going to get my friend to massage it, but i didn't think it would help. Im not sure if its my muscle, bone or nerve, so i got my nails done instead, Pink & Grey, simply gorgeous.

My pampering also took the sting out of my lovely PA leaving me forever. She's looked after me well for 18mth and she will be missed! All though i wont be missing her terrible jokes hehe :D

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Carers Week

So its national carers week this week so im going to start with some carers facts.

  • 1 in 8 adults (around six million people) are carers.
  • Every day another 6,000 people take on a caring responsibility - that equals over 2 million people each year.
  • Carers save the UK £119 billion a year.
  • Caring for just 2hrs a day is worth £13,140.00 a year.
  • The main carer's benefit is £55.55 for a minimum of 35 hours, equivalent to £1.58 per hour - far short of the national minimum wage of £5.93 per hour (2011-2012 figures)
  • 58% of carers are women and 42% are men.
  • Every day another 6,000 people take on a caring responsibility - that equals over 2 million people each year.

Instead of complaining about how messed up the system is i'd like to say how truly grateful i am to my mum. Even with our care package i can lean on her to much sometimes. I do believe i am getting a lot better though & my mum has agreed. But if it wasn't for her and everything she has done and continues to do for me i'd be a completely different person. She rescued me from a horrible rehab centre, helped me become the confident person i am now whilst putting up with all my crap, Its impossible to express how thankful i am to my mum... Love you xxx

I also what to publicly say thankyou to the lovely Abby. Even though shes spent 18mth abusing me shes looked after me well & i will miss her when shes buggered off back to New Zealand.

But i am looking forward to new PA's

Moving on....

What was meant to be a fairly expensive week in hindsight has been pretty cheap. Been to the cinema twice this week, and as we all know the pics can add up. Tuesday i went with mum turns out its discounted prices and because my cea cards in the "post" it was £6.60 for us both, thats including a drink. I then went on Wed with my brother & his GF Jess, and thanks to orange Wednesday it was £5.60 for the 3 of us. Then thanks to even more deals we got 2 med popcorn 2 small drinks & some krakz ( crisps basically ) for £7.50, which for a cinema is a good deal! So i was very impressed with our savings.

I first saw x-men first class with mum... I loved this film! I didnt even realise how long it was. I enjoyed seeing how everything came about. I love the comic book films, not the comics so all my knowledge comes from the films. They make amazing action films, and this didnt disappoint me.

I then went to see hangover 2 which is in parts hilarious, not as good as the first but not at all disappointing!
I just chilled out today as i have a fairly busy weekend.
The foot doctor came though, i love how casual they are. My toe may not be attached by bone to my foot.
Lovely thought to start your day on.

Monday, 13 June 2011


Had a very very enjoyable Saturday with some delightfully lovely people.

Went to the pub with mum, brother, cousin, cousin's friend, aunt & my friend to celebrate my finishing of college & it was sooooo much fun! Then my other friend came after work and we went home for Chinese, which was incredibly yummy. Whilst waiting for food we watched Gnomie & Juliet, which for a kids film is really funny.

In preparation for the evening i sent my PA out for a cheap bottle of red wine as its what my friend drinks and we never have any in. I was expecting her to spend like 4-5 pound. She comes back with a bottle of wolfblast. I was like 'i said a cheap bottle' i'd happily spend 8-9 pound as part of a gift for someone, but not just for a bit of a drinking sesh. So i gave the wolfblast to mum & sent my PA for more wine.

I got some very lovely yummy cupcakes off my aunt as a leaving college prezzie.

Got an orite week planned, Pics tomorrow & wed, Chinese leaving meal for my PA fri as shes off back to New Zealand, Then my aunt, uncle & cousin are up for a family christening.

Should be fun :D

Thursday, 9 June 2011

No Longer a student

It's my first day as i guess just an unemployed person as i am officially no longer a student.

Don't particularly want to talk about my exam. It was 4hrs long and i felt every single minute of it. I think i did ok on my first 2 questions but by the 3rd i was just so tired i couldn't even see. Thinking was out of the question. I managed to get a few points down but i know it wasn't enough. I was put in like the nosiest place ever, a few idiots just didn't understand the big silence signs. Thankfully i was allowed breaks to eat something and  have a caffeine fix, but it wasn't enough. Hey-ho we'll see in August.

Im like really glad to be done, but not either. What am i going to do for a whole year?? At first doing nothing but watch Jeremy Kyle & This morning is bliss, but the novelty soon wares off, and doing nothing but watching Jeremy Kyle & This morning is incredibly mind numbing. I mean theres only so much complaining you can take. I feel sorry for kids nowadays they just dont get to be kids, and thats not because they are being "overly-sexualised" but because they dont get to do anything, but thats not this mornings fault... and the new addition of Keith Lemon makes anything worth watching.


So whats the plan??

Hopefully i will start some intense physio & get this slide board conquered.

Hopefully i'll get a new chair, a test chair should be arriving soon.

Im going to look into doing some volunteering, where or doing what i have no idea. So we'll see....

Thursday, 2 June 2011

No Revision, No Contact

My attempts to revise have well & truly failed this week, i simply have no motivation what so ever!

I think the new family arrival hasnt exactly helped. Little Lily Grace was born May 25th and she is absolutely gorgeous!

Me & mum made plenty of buns in her honer.

Vanilla cupcake with Chocolate butter cream & Strawberry Sprinkles... they were sooo yummie!

If that wasn't a big enough distraction the fact that i sweat the  equivalent to the river Nile every time i sit in my chair is. When i spasm my big toe lifts up and its pushing my bone down, sounds disgusting i know! It is, and it bloody hurts! & it sets off my AD every time i sit up...

Then today was once again catheter changing day. Well it nearly wasn't, i think everyone i need are allergic to communication. We booked the change last week but then the nurse phoned today saying you need to have a change. Durrr ya don't say! So we booked in on Monday, half an hour later 2 nurses turned up, completely unaware of our conversation with the other nurse, but they are nice so it gone done.

It does make me wounder how anything ever gets done.

I left hospital in March, 3 weeks later the nurse was supposed to come see me then i was supposed to go in to get my tendons cut six week later, tis June now, still no visit. We have phoned a few times to either no answers or i'll call back, guess what no call back...

I get there busy but its bloody annoying!

Even my wheelchair guy, you'd think he would want my money! Yet we always phone them,.

We are forever chasing...