Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New Clothes Please

WOW new chair tomorrow!

I am excited, but doing my weekly Internet shopping browse i have become very aware just how expensive they are.

I would rather be using the thousands of pounds on all the fabulous clothes and jewels, that lets face it i need just as much a new chair =D

Its not that i want a lot per say, it's that i want the tops, jumpers, accessories in every colour possible. because getting clothes that sit right in my chair is difficult, it makes me want to buy what does fit in every colour.

Oh well, at least getting to the shops will be a lot easier =D

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bad Skin

So do you like my new look?

It took ages, to say its only a few small changes. I thought i was good at just figuring things out, but it took me a fair bit of faffing to get it right, and I'm very happy with the results.

I love my new header. I cut it from a pic my cousin took in my front garden. I love how summery it looks with the flowers. I'll have to get one for winter when it snows.

I haven't been up to a great deal, apart from trying to maybe get my mum set up in business. Nothing major just testing the waters as they say, but fingers crossed it does good!

I have also decided that I'm allergic to every cream in the world. After a year on antibiotics & the "side effects" from my everyday meds, I have been left with pretty dry, sometimes rashy skin.  I think i have used every cream known to man. From a £135 Swedish cream (my friend got it free through work) to Clinque, Evian, E45, Sudacream, creams from boots and asda, Liz Earle, and each one just gives me an even worse rash, or, and spots. So whilst at the docs i explained my situation and he gave me some new cream, and LOTS of it. It does a great job at taking away the itch, but wow, i look sun burnt.

So I've ordered some Emu oil cream, I've read, and been told its pretty amazing, so we'll see

And if you have any suggestions for overly sensitive skin, let me know

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Doctor Doctor

I thoroughly enjoyed my lie in this morning, I've been up before 8am every morning since last Tuesday, which is probably normal for most people, but 1. Im the worst sleeper, i take forever to get to sleep and i wake up like every hour, and 2. Im on my lazy gap year, getting up before this morning is a crime.

Doctors today, i have a long list. I hate going to the doctors its just a lot of hassle, so i tend to save all my illnesses and pains until i have to go to the doc's, even then its normally because im told to. I just don't see the point, all though my local doctors are amazing, having a spinal injury is pretty complicated, and at the end of the day i know my body and injury best, so i tend to diagnose my self, and i have been right 99% of the time. I have gotten that good i can predicted when things are wrong. After a tube change i knew something was wrong,when it was time to come out it was stuck! 36hrs, 2 big pins and a laser later i was home.

I so should be a doctor, or a psychic, oh or even a psychic doctor....

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Family Affair

First off welcome to my new followers :) and thanks for your lovely comments, its helped put a smile on my face.

That and my amazing family :) I was fairly depressed last week and all though Toby isn't home, my family have kept me smiling.

My happy streak started with my results, i got a C, I am very happy because i was convinced i had failed.

Then my cousin & aunt were here from London, and we surprised them with homemade afternoon tea.

It was so good!

The next day was so lovely.

My mum and aunt went for a walk pub  and left me and Jan to our own devices. So we took my camera, my remote, so i can use it, and went to take pictures in the garden. Between the two of us we got some great shots.

Thats the view from my bedroom, Love it :)

We went to the fair on Monday. It was a lot of fun but it made me a little sad that i couldn't go on the rides with my cousin, but watching my mum and aunt made it.

That night more family came for tea, beef & ale pie, and a choice of 4 cakes for afters.

Its been a gorgeous 3 days, with my gorgeous family.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Got my worry hat on

Still no sign off Toby :( I really miss him and im losing hope, its so frustrating that i cant go out and look for him.

Its become a stress full week, my kittens missing, exam results and the mammoth decision i have to make regarding surgery, my heads a mess.

I went for my check up yesterday at my spinal unit. All is good but he offered me surgery that i really need to think about. He basically wants to move some of my stronger muscles in my arms to my triceps and hand to give me more use in my arms and hands. It sounds like it would be an easy decision, why wouldn't i want more movement. But its a lot of surgery, time in casts, physio, muscle retrain and scars, for what movement i don't know. So i have to do some research.

As for results i missed picking them up, so another sleepless night waiting for the post.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lost Cat

Im really sad today, my lil baby Toby has been missing for 2 days.

I miss him lots hes such an amazing cat! Hes a bit simple so he makes everyone laugh, and he is so loving he will just cuddle you all day.

Please pray for my kittens safe return.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Physio & A New Chair

So I'm very away i have been a tad slack last week, but every time i settled down to write something i would fall asleep, Its been one of those none stop weeks.

But the biggest reason i couldn't blog was my bed broke =( The motor broke so i couldn't sit up for 3 days, which meant i couldn't really use my computer. It was an uncomfortable few days, i had to either lie down or sit up for hours in my chair.

But it has been a good week still.

I have started physio. It's only once a week, but i have some exercises to do at home, which are slightly imposable to do at home atm. My beds to soft so instead of siting i just sank. So I'm rocking as much as i can in my chair to emulate the exercises. Hopefully I'll be siting straighter in my chair in 6 weeks.

I also had another visit from Eric the wheelchair man, and i have brought a new chair! Its a small electric chair and should hopefully be here in about 3 weeks. I could have brought it straight away but it was in red, and being the fussy person i am i couldn't be having a red chair clashing with my outfits. So iv ordered it in black or silver. I'm pretty excited, pics to follow later.

I haven't watched hardly any TV and i havent watched any films hence no weekly round up this week, and all though i have another busy week of  exam results, hospital visits and friends, I have a fixed bed now so getting back to blogging will be very easy.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Music Monday

Since i've just spent £50 on music i think its a good idea to dedicate Mondays to music.

I LOVE music. I love how it can just alter your mood, how that first cord, beat or note can take you back to a place, a memory. I love how it can unite people in a way that the "barriers" of race, religion, language or culture are blown apart. I love how it can inspire people to do good and be better. How a single lyric can say what a whole book couldn't. I love that its been a part of every birthday, wedding, funeral, breakup, days out, nights in, through every up and down! Which is why its a part of me.

I love all kinds of music but i think my absolute favourite has to be r&b and hip hop, It started when my brother played me kanye west through the wire, and from then i was hooked. I was the only person that liked hip hop and r&b in my group of friends, and i would forever be trying to turn them, but i wasn't very successful. I always saved to buy albums and go to concerts, fortunately my friends were kind enough to come. I remember seeing jay z and my friend saying 'i know none of these songs'

I'm also a big lover of Motown. I think partly because it has so much history, Motown really did break down barriers, and partly because you can feel the passion in the music.

With all that said i'm going to introduce you to Ed Sheeran.

He is a 20 year old singer song writer from Yorkshire whos music is a mix of acoustic pop, hip hop and folk. His album is out in September '11 but theres some amazing tracks out on youtube and itunes.

I'm love with this song, i heard it ages ago but didn't know who it was then i found it on youtube.

the video is brilliant to

The No.5 collaborations ep is amazing and if your not into hip hop the songs i wrote with amy offer some beautiful soulful tracks.

I urge you to check him out!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Happy birthday lil bro!

                                                         Today my little brother is 19!

Happy birthday little brother :D

Thursday, 4 August 2011

A new chair

So i have come to the realisation that i may have to get a proper electric wheel chair.

Since coming out of the hospital i've had a manual wheelchair which i can't push myself so i have to be pushed everywhere. Which i really don't mind, because truth be told im quite vain and i guess being in a manual chair makes me feel less disabled. Sounds weird i know, and the electric chair i do have i HATE, it makes me feel like robocop. Would be perfect for some but pointless to me. But if im going to uni, independently getting around would make life so much easier.

So i've been looking at turning my chair into an electric chair, which i found i can't do because theres no frame under my chair were the electronics can rest or something. So Eric the wheelchair man came yesterday with a new chair for me to try. I hate trying new chairs its scary, yesterday was especially, instead of being sat in the chair i felt like i was sat on top of it, there was no support. Eric the wheelchair man said this wasn't a problem as adjusting the chair and stuff is easy. The problem is the width, the electric wheels are massive and add an extra 2inch to your chair, which would make getting in and out the house almost impossible, defeating the point of having a powered chair.

Sounds complicated i know, and it is, choosing a new chair is not a decision to be taken lightly, its as important as buying a house, you spend everyday in your chair, you need to be comfortable.

So since the transformation may not work i'm coming to terms with the fact i may need to get actual powered chair. I have requested tiny ones, so we'll see.

Im excited and apprehensive and skint

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Salt & Pepper Chicken

A few weeks ago someone left me a comment on my culinary week post asking for recipes, only the Salt & Pepper Chicken was truly homemade the others were packet sauces with just a few extra chilli's or garlic & stuff.


400g of Chicken
1 Large Onion
1 Large green Pepper
1 Large green Chilli
2tbsp of Sea Salt
2tbsp of Tropical mix Peppercorn
3 sprinkles of Chinese 5 spice
5 heaped tbsp of corn flour


First grind together the salt, peppercorn & 5spice.

Mix together with the corn flour and then cover the chicken in the mix.

Deep fry the chicken.

Fry together the onion; pepper & chilli for 2 min in a pan then add chicken.

Fry till cooked & serve.

Trust me this is so good & very very simple. Enjoy.

Monday, 1 August 2011


The more i find out about blogging the more i love it! For the first few months i just didn't have a clue. I'd spend my days clicking next blog, and i started to think that the only blogs out there were family blogs that are just to keep families in touch, and blogs for different Churches.

I have loved writing forever, I have always wrote diaries, poems and more short stories than i can remember, that mainly consisted of me meeting a tall, dark handsome stranger and living happily ever after. Since my accident i haven't wrote much, mainly because i physically can't as my hands are permanently in fists. I started trying to write a book a few times but i'd get tired really easy.

Once i got to college i knew i would have to start writing essay's so i got the dragon programme which makes your laptop/pc voice activated. But i really didn't like it, it never typed what i had said, it really didn't like my northern accent. So now i use the on-screen keyboard, which can be annoying as it takes 0.5 secs per key to type, especially when you get given a 1500 word essay, but that was only when i was on deadline or if i had 3 due together, that was overwhelming. If i had a week or so i would really enjoy siting in bed, with tea chocolate & daytime TV. I really got my flare for writing back.

Hence the blog... But blogging is not all about sharing your story, its about meeting like minded people and being part of a blogging community, and sharing in other peoples stories, and that for my first few months i was lacking. Its lonely when you have no friends, so i joined blog loving and jumped from one blog to another and found some incredible blogs and bloggers. At the moment i have a slight obsession with food blogs, who needs Ramsey and Nigella when you have food blogs, i can't wait to start trying out the growing number of recipes collected.