Sunday, 27 November 2011

broken thumb

Hey folks just to let you know i may be out for a lil while as i have broke my thumb :(

I have a splint on my writing hand, so typing is not easy.

See you soon x x x

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Manchester Markets

Every year Manchester have a gorgeous open market. It is so pretty and you can get some lovely things, and if you love food you will love the markets. Its just filled with delicious food stalls. German hot dogs, which are amazing! Felafel's, kebabs, Goulash, Waffles, Crepes, French garlic bread. Then you can get mulled wine, hot choc, with something extra, beers and really tasty fruit juices.

Baileys Hot Chocolate

My new earmuffs

My new fairy lights

Incredibly yummy Baklava...Love that stuff

Its really easy to find, just look for the giant santa! It is a bit bumpy as its set up on cobbles, yet i wasn't sore at all once home. After a bumpy trip i normally can't wait to get into bed, my shoulders kill from me holding on for dear life. But once home i was fine.

Today is a bed day as i have several nurse visits, but if mums feeling better Thursdays a big shopping day. If shes still poorly its a little shopping trip and TV with mum

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Uni ???

So as well as receiving lovely packages from the USA i have been visiting university's.

It properly terrified me! My mum said she had never seen me so quite.

Im not sure if it was the thought of going back into education, or the thought of having to maybe move out. I don't know if its just because i didn't like that particular uni. When the only thing u like about it is the fact starbucks is on campus, somethings not right.

I have another viewing at a uni abit closer to home so we'll how i feel after that.

Watch this space...

Package palls

Hi folks, sorry for my week off but between having a fairly busy schedule and a very sore suspected broken thumb, i have either been to tired or in to much pain to write.

Lets start with package palls. Set up by miss Gentri Lee a few months ago, everyone was given a pall to send a little piece of were their from to each other.  I was paired with whitney willis and after many emails we put together our packages.

I sent whitney sweets and lots of different union jacks. I sent lots of different leaflets about the local area.
I sent her a copy of my favourite books from when i was younger, and a pillow of Wills and Kate.

Whitney sent me some magazines, a Disney diary, an amazing cookie cookbook, some lovely creams a lots more! I LOVE everything about it.

I can't wit to bake

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

This and That

I have been a tad rubbish this week..

I spent a lot of last week out and about so i dedicated my weekend to finishing a few things, which in the end i didn't actually do.

I did finish one!

My mum is rubbish with the net so she hasn't read any of my blog, so i found this site blurb, and i'm turning my blog into a book. Well kind of... I'm using the the programme to format everything and then i'm going to print it out and buy a pretty folder and put it in my mums stocking so sshhh... don't tell anyone =D

Another thing i was supposed to finish was my uni application. I'm not doing to well with it. I have chosen 5 courses at 4 unis and i have filled in all my details, it took a while to fill in about my needs and about my disability. But i'm yet to sort out my personal statement or look into student finance. I have until the 15th of Jan to get it done so watch this space.

I tried to start yesterday but i was rudely disturbed by paul & cash. I say rudely, i was the one that kept them waiting, and they did bring me a lovely new bed.

Its the same as my old bed, but a little higher. My old bed had broke, most probably from excess use, keep it clean... but we have a 10yr warranty so i got a lovely new bed.

Today i'm going to lie in it all day & hopefully get some work done.

Bye Bye Vee xx

Was a sad day yesterday, I said bye to one of my very best friends Verity. She's off to teach people how to ski in Canada for 5mths. Which isnt very long but i'm going to miss her lots and lots, but im looking forward to skype sessions & all our plans when she gets back!

bye bye for now my lovely

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Come Dine With Chloe & Sarah...again

A few weeks ago me and my cousin started a weekly cooking club.

I have been really bad at documenting our delights, but it is a tad difficult cooking and looking after a gorgeous but tired teething baby and remembering to take pics, but my mum was here this week so she was our photographer.

We made mince pies, homemade pizzas & mozzarella parcels... It was so good! & im immensely impressed with the mince pies.

Mine is the pizza parcel, i had it for 2 teas, it was to big to eat in one day. It was stuffed with meatballs, bacon, pepperoni, chrizo, peppers mushrooms & olives mmmm.

Mums was the last pic, goats cheese, parama ham and rocket.

We used the Jaimie Oliver mini muffin tin for the mince pies, i love them so much! Thinking of doing mini apple pies next week!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Lee Evans

I went to see Lee Evans on Tuesday at the Manchester evening news arena, he was really funny & i did really enjoy it in the end, but i was pretty terrified.

I was pretty impressed with access, we parked near the entrance, up a lift, they let us straight through, then the doors opened up. I just cried, and writing this is making me feel abit sick. If your not petrified of heights you'd be fine, they give the people your with seats, but your 5000ft in the air. Yet the view is really good!

I'm seeing Rihanna in 18 days, i don't know if im super excited or absolutely papping my pants.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bonfire night

Remember remember the 5th of November...

Pretty lights
Freeeeeezing cold!

Watching the fire from our decking.

The moon, i thought it looked lonely

Mulled wine & Bonfire Toffee

Starbucks hiding from the cold.

Ooo I love bonfire night...

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Chair day out

So now that Halloweens done, sounds like everyone had fun, its chhhhristmmmmas!

I'm to excited, i love it more & more every year!

Me & mum went to the trafford centre in my only second outing in my electric chair. I have used it alot around the house, but the places i have been to haven't been accessible enough for an electric chair, so i've been using my manual whilst out.

It was a great day with mum, it was the first time we had done anything just the two of us in ages! It was scary though. I was very conscious about running people over, i was run over by a power chair before my accident, and it bloody hurts. I am also terrified of heights, so when i was on the top floor i was sticking to the walls, and if something or someone was in my way i'd just stop until they moved.

It was pretty tiring to, my arm was killing! by the time i got home i needed a massage. You wouldn't think you did anything in an electric chair, but holding your arm out for agggggeeeees, especially when your shoulders a bit tight, gets really painful.

I also surprised myself on my trip out, i was worried about feeling self conscious in my chair when i got it, but i felt fine! I didn't once feel uncomfortable, or like i was being "starred" at. Which like i said surprised me, but i'm glad, it gave me a confidence boost.

I'm looking forward o more outings, just where to hmm...