Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Photo a day: Feb

Im so excitted to FIIIINNNNAAALLLLYYYY catch one of these in time!

see you tomorrow :)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

il neige

Whilst waiting for our masterchef din din's i looked out the window to see il neige. Which is its snowing in english. For some reason the one thing i remember from french is how to tell the weather. As we all know snow is beautiful, so i immediately annoyed my brother to grab my camera.

Masterchef Friday

Masterchef Friday part 2. Last week was my friends birthday  so we didn't have Masterchef Friday, but this week we had a delicious meal.

I've only ever had duck as crispy duck from the Chinese, never as a duck breast. I have always had in my head that i wouldn't like it, but it was really delicious.

Another masterpiece...

Thursday, 26 January 2012

12 years...

12 years ago i lost my dad. I miss him everyday but i know he's always with me. Like last night, after putting my quilt on my fan heater turned on by itself. Thanks for being there dad, but you didn't half scare me. Love you always xxxx

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ellie's 21

Hi all, sorry its been a while i haven't been very well. I have yet again been on antibiotics, and they have just made me feel so ill. Yesterday was the first day i have been out this week. It was one of my best friends 21st last night, so no masterchef Friday until next week.

As much as i love Ellie i was still feeling crap so i was a bit unsure about going, but as usual when ever im with my girls i had a great time. I was even dragged up for karaoke. Literally just kidnapped, its a good job i love my friends.

Its a year of "milestone birthdays this year, Excited

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Masterchef Friday

Since my cousins back at work come dine with Chloe & Sarah is no more. But now we have

Masterchef Friday

For Christmas this year mum got the masterchef cookbook bible. So every Friday-ish we are going to pick a recipe.

This weeks not incredibly exciting as we completely forgot to take pictures, but the food was incredibly amazing. Mum cooked Open Beef Wellington with a Oxtail jus creamed cabbage & mash! It was just amazing.

The jus and the creamed cabbage was so moreish, that even though i was stuffed i wanted more!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dentist drama

I went for my first filling yesterday, its been something that has been put off for 2 years. Why? well because i couldn't get into the dentist chair, and because just putting my head back for half a hour would be imposable.

Having my electric chair made getting my filling possible, because it tilts back and you can attach a head rest, so the chair does kinda look like a dentist chair.

Although possible it was still a challenge, some equipment wouldn't reach, and because i could only get into a small corner so it was a bit awkward trying to get at my teeth.

The filling went well, i didn't cry, needles in your mouth are a no no, but then i got a bit annoyed. Although i do like my dentist, and i think he is really nice he said. " if you need another filling, we'll just remove the tooth because its easier " it REALLY annoyed me & it felt like my toe all over again. Instead of dealing with the issue we'll just chop it off. No we can refer you here because its better adapted to your needs, they know more about your medical background.

Its easier for me to stay in bed and live of benefits my whole life, but no, im hoping to go uni, so i can get a better job.

Speaking of which i got a letter from UCLan to say thanks for applying, not an offer but its a start...

Monday, 9 January 2012

Death by chocolate

I tend to declare a lot, like a lot of people that im dying, admittedly i probably say it a lot more than most. I cough and i have pneumonia. Being in a chair did bring some extra medical issues that can be serious, mainly being AD (click on the tab to find out more) But another problem i face is choking. Im at no greater risk at choking than anyone else, but the whole stopping choking is a lot more difficult.

Last week i relaxing in bed munching on chocolate, when i don't even know how but i started to choke.

Terrified i tried to shout for help, obviously i couldn't get up and find it. After around 3 attempts to make noise i managed to squeeze out a mum, & then another. Thankfully my mum heard me and ran in. Even better my PA heard me, so seconds later she came running in to.

My mum tried to sit me upright, but because i cant support myself right well i kept flopping. Whilst trying to sit me forward she was trying to help me cough. My abdominal muscles really weak, so i find it hard to cough. Someone has to push down on my chest as im about to cough, so that it works.

So imagine the scene, theres my mother throwing me around the bed, patting my back, pushing my stomach. Im trying to breath, not panic and shout to the PA to get me a drink. & the PA's stood with a look of panic, pacing to an empty glass & trying to make out what im saying.

After a few big breaths and a few big coughs i cleared my airways, i then drank a gallon of water and spent the next 10min coughing, just to make  sure i could breath.

Absolutely terrifying at the time, but i spent the next hour laughing, i don't know if i was in shock or if the fact that what had happened could have come straight out a carry on film, was just funny.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


So i've decided that this year instead of making resolutions that will last a week, i've put together a to do list, and because this years a bit special as im turning 21, theres a couple of extra special tasks.

1.     Go to Paris
2.     Have an Alice in wonderland cocktails & cake tea party
3.     Go to Chelsea
4.     Go central LDN m&m world
5.     Go Harry potter world
6.     Go to uni
7.     Go Pics twice a month
8.     Cook/bake once a week
9.     Use my electric chair more
10.   Do my exercises
11.   Save
12.   Go to the theatre
13.   Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
14.   Get a new car
15.   Get some pretty fish
16.   See a median
17.   Draw
18.   Get 1000 twitter followers
19.   Get 500 blog followers
20.   Go watch football
21.   Make jam
22.   Do my family tree
23.   Have a street party in honour of the queen
24.   Go to the zoo
25.   Organise an event

Keep an eye out for #todoin2012 to see if i can do it.

Have you got a to do in 2012? If so leave a link

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I've done it!

So i have now officially applied to university. I feel rather grown up. I've applied to edge hill, salford & lancashire, to study film, im excited. Let see if i get in.

Since thats all my news because i've done nothing i thought i'd share my favourite video atm