Friday, 30 March 2012


So i have read on a few blogs that im not the only person that suffers from anxiety, and i was just wondering how everyone deals with it.

I suffer from all different levels of anxiety, depending on the situation, like anyone, but its at its worse when im in a car on a motorway.

Every second i feel on the verge of a panic attack. At the moment i put my head in a pillow, listen to music and breath. Its worked well but im so scared of my anxiety turning into a phobia, which i cant let happen!

So what do i do?

Well im hoping that getting this new car will help, as it feels a lot safer.

Do i go on meds, i mean do they work?

Or is what im doing all i can do.

I refuse to let my anxiety stop me living my life, it already causes to many arguments, upset, frustration and compromising.

I dont know where all my anxiety's come from but im pretty determined to fight them!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Planet gazing

Yesterday my friends came for tea, and as they came in they were talking about seeing Jupiter. I was rather excited! Once it got dark we went out in search for Jupiter. As soon as you were outside you could see Orion's belt, Venus, Mars & The Plough, it was amazing and so beautiful. No Jupiter though it had gone to far behind the hill.

Fun in the sun

How beautiful is the weather in the UK!

I spent the whole of Monday in the garden with my mum, cleaning shoes and listening to the radio.
I love my shoes

Casual sunny attire

The pup taking shelter

Found a really random American station on my phone that made me want to jump on a plane.

Yesterday we went to Townley park. I love Townley i spent alot of my childhood there with my grandad, and yesterday proved why, its so gorgeous, especially in the sun!

Townley Hall

My gorgeous 2nd cousin Lily-Grace

A squirrel
Fingers crossed the weather stays

Love x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hi =]

While I've been away

  • I have been stressing about my essay, then i wrote it, *happy dance*
  • I went to the spinal unit for a few days to have a little op, all went well, and home feeling very well but a little sore still.
  • I saw lots of friends and family
  • Had my first Nandos, YUM
  • Became very addicted to draw something
  • Planned a healthy meal plan, not for wait loss just sick of eating crap
  • Cleaned out my wardrobe 
All in all it has been fairly busy in one way or another.

Back to normality this week, with some lovely photo posts coming up

Love xx

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Lets start with a big thank you to any hellocotton ladies, all your love got me featured on the lifestyle section. =] So thank you!

It cheered me up, im not down just a tad in pain, can't wait to get this op over and done with!

More news, i have heard from uni!

I have to write a 1000 word essay about a director i love, why i like them, what makes them stand out.
& thats it, weather i get in or not depends on this essay.

Im to scared to even start....

My brothers being very nice and has offered to help me type.

2weeks to get it done, wish me look

Thursday, 15 March 2012

New Blog

Dont worry im not leaving, i LOVE this blog!

As you may know i really want to go to uni, & im hoping this new blog will help.

Please, please please have a look, follow, tweet about it, blog about it. I need your help guys!

Love x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Brum brum..

Im getting a new car!

Im really rather excited.

Its nothing fancy. As i cant get out of my chair without a hoist, i need a car that i can just roll into, which does limit you a fair bit. Im not to bothered, for me as long as it doesn't look like a bus.

Hopefully new car means i'll be less afraid of the road, i wont feel like the cars going to topple over when we're going down a hill, or if the wind blows.

I did go for a little ride in the demo car, and i felt very safe.

Now all i have to do is beg, borrow and steal, and be poor for the year, and in around 3-5weeks i'll have new wheels!

Monday, 12 March 2012

21 in pictures

Had the most amazing birthday, thanks to everyone for helping me celebrate..

You may remember i was having a Alice in wonderland themed... The look turned out great.

We had one room as the mad hatters tea party room, with one table for food one for cake and one sweetie table for the kids. Then the kitchen was the queen of hearts room was the cocktail bar.

After far to many cocktails we went to the pub, then home & finally in bed by 4am.

I didnt feel very well on Sunday, lets leave it at that =D

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Just my luck

After a lovely morning on the 2nd of March which just so happened to be my 21st birthday i received a phone call.

It was the hospital asking me to go in for 2days on Friday, which would be this Friday, which just so happens to be my party.

The response was a no, obviously....

But im starting to think my birthday might be cursed... Last year i spent the weeks upto my birthday having my op cancelled, then on, then off, then spending a week in hospital.

My 17th was spent in hospital...

Thankfully im not to stressed this year, and as my hospitals nice the ops been changed to the 20-something.

Lets see what next year brings

Monday, 5 March 2012


About a week before my birthday i had my did...

Nothing to dramatic, i had my fringe put in a bit more, and my tips dyed blonde.

I love it and now that i know i like it i'll have a bit more blonde...