Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A week through Instagram

Another photo heavy post, my camera is my new best friend at the moment. I think the mix of sunny weather and my need to be doing something everyday has resulted in me taking 3000 pictures. The week i should of really spent in bed resting, i felt very restless. I blame the sun, it makes you get up & go.

It also forced me to eat a lot of this...

Not that theres a need for a reason to eat ice cream, but having one is a bonus, and the new fancy mint choc chip is immensely delicious. Although the lack of bright green ness is slightly disappointing.

As the sun isn't very good for your skin, my friend gave me a well needed facial. I went for the chocolate face mask, it smelt good enough to eat, and worked really well, its boots own brand, the peach self heating my favourite.

I persuaded my mum to go on a lil trip to Harrogate, best idea ever! We went to bettys tea room  its now my favourite place in the world! Not cheap but not outrageous. I had a breakfast tea, i did want to steal the cup. I also had probably the best egg mayo sandwich ever! & the vanilla slice, heaven!

After our lovely lunch we went shopping!

The Primark at Harrogate is lovely! Clean, tidy & well laid out.

Harrogate not the easiest of places to get around in a wc, i almost had a meltdown when faced with a hill.

Rest of the week bed, im exhausted..

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Summers day

After a day recovering in bed on Saturday, watching really bad TV, is it me or is Saturday night TV is really crap at the moment, hurry up xfactor.

Sunday called for sunshine.

The whole family, pets and all where sat out in the garden. Us sat in the suns raise, the animals searching for shade.

I do normally get bored just sat in the sun but watching the village get decorated, and listening to the sausages sizzle kept me entertained.


The sunshine's set to disappear again *sad face

I hope it stays just a little bit nice for the Jubilee. I have to many plans next weekend for it to rain.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Drunk times, fun times

Friday was not only the little ones 1st birthday, but it was the day i decided to get really really really drunk, why, cause im 21 and silly. Im going to be such a crap student, i cant handle a hangover.

We started sensible & had a wine...

And then more...

Then we had shoots...

We then tried to make rihanna tweet us....

It didnt work, so we did more shots...

Played dress up, kinda....

Do you know who i am ??

Saturday wasn't pretty, i had my face in a bucket, i aint drinking till im 22 :)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

A 1st Birthday

Friday was my beautiful 2nd cousins 1st birthday. The sun was shinning, the wine was cold and the company AMAZING.
A gorgeous day for a gorgeous girl

Photo a day: May

22. pink
{something pink}
Pink flamingos from my 21st
23. technology
{something that uses technology}

No thanks.

24. something new
{what's something new in your life?}

My love for macaroons

25. unusual
{share something a little odd or weird}

I have a phobia of banana's

26. 12 o'clock
{take a photo at noon or midnight, whatever you're doing}

Sitting under a tree in the sun

27. something sweet
{a candy/lolly, a cake, a person, something cute ... anything!}

Fig cake mmm yum...

Monday, 21 May 2012

Food Fest

Finally the weather is starting to get better. As a start to 4mths of fun before i start uni i took my mum to a food fest. We have been to a few smaller ones before but this one was extra special as there were celebrity chefs giving demos. My mum was like a giddy groupie, shes a chef so she was super excited.
But it was a lot of fun, i ate so much, & we bought loads, Pheasant for tea tonight.

It was only £5 each to, and as i hadn't been out much due to various spouts of feeling crap, so the full day out tired me out. After a tea and a cake i was back in bed almost asleep.

Just a final point, even though as a Burnley fan i hate to admit it. the access at Ewood parks brilliant.

Love xx

Photo a day: May

16. what you're reading
{a book, a newspaper, a blog, a sign, a note etc}

I can't remember where i found this but it is so true!

17. snack
{something you're eating as a snack}

My mum makes the best biccie's ever.

18. something you made
{food, craft, a child, anything!}

I made this in school when i was 13, aint it amazeballs =]

19. a favourite place
{a place you love being in}

keeping warm in frount of the fire with a hot drink.

20. something you can't live without
{something you'd rather not go without in your life}

I take a blanket everywere, even to the cinema, im ALWAYS cold.

21. where you stand
{take a photo of where you're standing}

On bed rest with the putty cats